Our Credo

We believe our first responsibility is to serve human beings to develop, to assist the expansion of human horizons, and to facilitate mankind to grow bigger and richer through educational and cultural endeavour.

Every world-class Artist, Scholar, and Journalist must be considered as an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognise their merit. We must highlight their excellence and reward them for their attainments and the differences they make in the world.

We must celebrate their success and strive to encourage the younger generations to follow the path that once greater men and women before them walked through.

We must as well emulate those Artistic organisations, Academic Centres, Media and Networks who assist and share the same vision with compassion, honour, and dignity.

Our Awardees and Celebrities must be among those who are dedicated professionals, use their professions for the purpose of good, have principles and respect in human values. They must have qualities to be a symbol in their field, a leading character to look up to, and socially live a healthy life.

We must select our laureates far from any discrimination. They must be nominated, studied, selected, and awarded fairly and professionally. Our panel of selecting committee or moderators must be appointed from outstanding people with practical experience as well as higher academic education, and international insights into every related awarding category.

We must apply leadership and provide competent management to run our organisation, and their action must be just and ethical. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use and protect our resources. We must help our patrons and sponsor businesses grow, and our suppliers and affiliates make a fair profit.

While we have our organisational policy and principles to maintain, we shall not engage in any political activities. We shall remain an international cultural awarding body where people from different culture around the world could gather in peace and through establishment of dialog increase mutual understandings and tolerance.

Therefore, with respect to the above our motto shall read:

'A tribute to the past and an eye on the future'