Dr Geza Bodolay

Stage-Director, Lecturer and Translator was born in 1957 in Budapest.
He speaks English, Russian, German, Polish, and some French.

His career start in

  • 1984-1989: Szeged National Theatre
  • 1989-1992: Katona Jozsef Theatre, Kecskemet
  • 1992-1998: Budapest, National Theatre
  • 1998- Katona Jozsef Theatre, Kecskemet General Director

He holds an M.A. in Lecturer of Hungarian and Comparative Literature, from Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest. An M.A. in History of Arts. Between 1980 to1984 he studied at Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest. In 1984 he got his third M.A In Stage-directorship and in 2001 his D.L.A. in Theatre-director.

Geza is member of several professional bodies such as:

  • International Theatre Institute ( I T I ) (1984-)
  • Hungarian Theatre Alliance (1987-)
  • Hungarian Shakespeare-Committee (1987-)
  • President of the Theatre Foundation " The Box" (1992-)

He Lectured at Jozsef Attila University, Szeged, (1986 -1989) And currently lectures at:Academy of the National Theatre, Budapest (1992-) and Hochschule der Kunste (HDK), Berlin - 1997.

Geza was also the translator of several plays into Hungarian, - by the authors: G. B. Shaw, odon von Horvath, Mikhail Bulgakov, Goethe-Hacks, Herbert Berger, Georg Kaiser, Raymond Cousse, Bruno Jasienski, Jurgen Hofmann, Nikolai Gogol, David Hirson.

He acted as Stage-directing for 49 plays in Hungary and abroad in Germany, Poland and Slovakia.


Molière: Le Misanthrope (Budapest, odry Stage, 1983)
Kesselring: Arsenic and Old Laces (Debrecen, Csokonai Theatre, 1983)
John Ford: 'Tis a Pity She‘s a Whore (Szeged, National Theatre, 1984)* - Diploma work
Arrabal: The Overture Orang-Utan (Szeged, 1984)*
Mihalkov: The Foam (Szeged, 1985)* - TV.
O‘Neill: Desire under the Elms (Szeged, 1986)
Scribe: A Glass of Water (Szeged, 1986)
Mihura: Three Top-Hats (Szeged, 1986)
Kalman: The Tshardash-Princess (Szeged, 1987)
Rossini: La Cambiale di Matrimonio (Opera, Szeged , Summer Festival, 1987)
Shakespeare: Hamlet (Szeged, 1987) - TV.
Steigerwald: Dances in the Style of the Epoque (Poland, Lodz, Teatr Studyjny, 1987)*
Ionesco: Rhinoceros (Szeged, 1988)*
Jarry: King Ubu (Germany, Sindelfingen, Theatre-Cellar, 1988)
Meszoly: The Window-Cleaner (Pecs, National Theatre, 1988)
Goethe-Hacks: The Market in Plundersweilern (Germany, Sindelfingen, 1989)
Mrozek: The Ambassador (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theatre, 1989)*
Buchner-Madach-Bodolay: Danton in the Cell (Budapest, Blue Box, 1990)* - TV.
Tamasi: Deceptive Rainbow (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theatre, 1990)
Bulgakov: Adam and Eve (Gyor, Kisfaludy Theatre, 1990)*
Brecht-Weill: The Three-Penny Opera (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theatre, 1991)
Camus: The Misunderstanding (Pecs, 1991)
Goethe-Hacks: The Market in Plundersweilern (Budapest and Transdanubia,1992)* - TV.
Horvath: Miss Pollinger (Budapest, Komedium,1992)*
Saint-Exupery: The Little Prince (Miskolc, National Theatre, 1992)
Cousse: Rabbit in the Pot (Budapest, Gutenberg Stage, 1993)*
Vorosmarty: The Waking of arpad (Budapest, National, 1993)
Mrozek: Tango (Nyiregyhaza, Moricz Theatre, 1993)
Brecht: The Good Person of Sechuan (Slovakia, Komarno, Jokai Theatre, 1993)
Birinski: Dance of Fools (Szeged, National, 1994)* TV.
Moricz: Juctice Sari (Nyiregyhaza, 1994)
Molnar: Wax-Museum (Budapest, National Theatre, 1994)*
Moricz: Gentry Carousal (Budapest, National, 1995)
Gogol: The Government Inspector (Szeged, National,1995)
Hofmann-Lengyel: Poland is not Lost yet (Budapest, National, 1995)*
Szirmai: Magnate Miska (Slovakia, Kosice, Thalia Theatre, 1996)
Gorgey: Heads for Ferdinand (Kisvarda, Castle-Theatre, 1996.) TV
Georg Kaiser: David and Goliath (Budapest, National Theatre, 1996.)* TV.
Mrozek: The Contract (Budapest, Komedium - 1997)* TV.
Ruzzante: La Mocheta (Egervar-Szentendre Teatrum - 1997)
Weiss: Marat/Sade (Budapest, National Theater, 1998)
Mikszath: The New Zrinias (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 1998)*
Brecht: Man is Man (Germany, Stadttheater Hildesheim, 1999)
Wyspianski-Ady: The Hungarian Wedding (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 1999) -TV.
Bruno Jasienski: The Ball of the Mannequins (Nationaltheater Szeged, 1999)*
Madach: The Tragedy of Man (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Szinhaz, 2000)* -
Hofmann: Poland is not Lost yet (Germany, Karlsruhe, Staatstheater, 2000.)
Mikszath/Bodolay: The Speaking Coat (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater,2000)*
Hirson: La Bete (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2001)*
Katona: Bank banus (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2001)
Weores Peter the Cheat (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2001)
Shwartz The King is Naked (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2001)
Moliere Don Juan (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2002)
Schimmelpfennig: Push up 1-3 (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2002)*
Moricz: Relatives (Nagyvarad, State Theater)
Taviani - Morricone - Bodolay: Allonsanfan (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2003) *
Bulgakov: L’impromptu de Versailles (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2003)
Ruzzante: The widow of Ancona (Zala Summer Theaters)
Shakespeare: Or What You Will (Twelfth Night) (Nagyvarad, State Theater, 2003)
Karinthy: Play Pooh (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2003)
Gogol: The Marriage (Komarom, Jokai Theater 2004)
Louis Feydeau: We’ve shot the Blissful Mermaid (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2004)
Peter Hacks: Amphitryon (Zala Summer Theaters 2004)
Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2005)
Streeruwitz: New York. New York. (Debrecen, Csokonai Theater 2005)
Shakespeare: Measure for Measure (Nyiregyhaza, Moricz Zsigmond Theater, 2005)
Ivan Kusan - Tasnadi Istvan: The Balkanian Cobra (Kecskemet, Katona Jozsef Theater, 2005) *

*First performance in Hungary and Poland.

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