Rita Yahan-Farouz (English: Jahanforuz; stage name Rita, is an Iranian-born Israeli pop singer and actress, notable for being the most famous female singer in Israel. After becoming a professional singer and performer in the 1980s, she has appeared in numerous concerts, many being "packed" with fans, including members of government.

Rita began working with classical ensembles and with acoustic versions of her music, revealing a new side of herself to her devoted audience. Her efforts led her to release her latest intimate album "Remazim" ("Hints") produced by Israeli rock star, Ivri Lider. Music critics called it an important landmark in Rita's career, and within two months it achieved a platinum status. The album was followed by an extensive long tour, which was accompanied by various intimate concerts. 

During 2009 Rita's song "Love Has Begun" topped the adult contemporary and indie charts in the US and she was selected as most promising act for 2009. For the first Tel-Aviv Music Festival (October 2009) Rita collaborated with the Israeli band Knessiat Hassehel. The unique collaboration achieved critical acclaim, and as part of it they released to the radio their mutual song "Dai La'Keev" ("No More Pain") - original lyrics to a traditional Persian melody, from Rita's childhood home. The song became a big hit on Israeli radio stations. In 2010, Rita took part in a student film production called "Son Coming Home", by the promising young director Elad Zakai. The film was accompanied by the song "Boi Imma" ("Come Mother"), Rita's adaptation to the classic children's song. That same year, Rita published her first children's book, "Shiraz's heart". The story is based on Persian folklore Rita has heard many times as a child, and told many times as a mother. The illustrations, by Vali Mintzi, are inspired by the rich artistic world of Persian Jews. "Shiraz's Heart" is in Tzomet Sfarim's Best Sellers list. 

During 2010 Rita has also participated in Ilai Botner's album. For the first time in her career, Rita took part in another artist's work as a singer, and not as a partner and creator. Their mutual song "Kol Zikaron Hozer" ("Returning Memory"), written by Ilai Botner with Rita's contributions, became a radio hit. 

Also in 2010 Rita has produced a new concert, "Closer than Ever", a series of intimate shows at the Zappa Club in Tel Aviv, in which Rita has performed for the first time. The shows were very successful. In addition to being a successful Singer, RITA, a graduate of one of the most respected acting schools in Israel, has performed in dozens of plays and movies. In 1989 Rita won "Actress of the Year" in the Israeli cinema awards. 

Throughout her career Rita has sold over a million copies of her albums, has won dozens awards acknowledging her contribution and talent and was named the Best Female Performer and Singer of Israel. 

These days she is working on a world music oriented album along side well known Israeli music producers. The album is due to be released next year.