Prof. Laszlo Szekely

He was born in Budapest on 2 october 1932. He began to study scenery design with Gusztav Olah and Matyas Varga at the Budapest College of Applied Arts in 1951. From there he was invited to the Szeged National Theater in 1961.

From 1971 he worked for the Szigligeti Theater, Szolnok, where he made a great contribution to the creation of the theater's outstanding artistic achievements (Shakespeare: Timon of Athens, Milan Füst: The Unhappy, Bertold Brecht: mr. Puntilla, Moliere: George Dandin, etc.).

In 1979 he began to design for the National Theater in Budapest. There he was a creative partner of director Gabor Szekely in several famouse productions (Buchner: Danton's Death, Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida, Sukhovo-Kobilin: Tarelkin's Death, Mrozek: Emigrants). In 1982 he joined the newly established katona József Theatre as senior stage designer. After leaving the Katona in 1990, he returned to the National Theater for two years before joining the newly-established Budapest Chamber Theatre as a senior designer in 1992.

Since the 1960s Szekely has regularly participated at domestic and international scenery exhibitions, and has organised his individual exhibitions since the 1970s.

In 1977 he was invited to teach at the Department of Scenery and Costume Design at the Hungarian College of Arts. In 1983 he was granted an assistant professorship, and from 1990 to 2002 he acted as head of this Department. Since 2004 he has taught future directors at the University of Dramatic Arts.

He was awarded a Jaszai Mari Prize in 1970, and the title of Excellent Artist of Hungary in 1984. As recognition of many decades of outstanding performance, Szekely received the Cross of Distinction of the Republic of Hungary in 1994.

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