PersianMirror (Represented by Shabnam Rezaei)


Based in downtown New York City, It is consist of a small group of interested individuals who would like to educate the world about the Persian community through art, culture, entertaining articles and personal stories. The purpose of their online magazine is to promote the beauty of Persian culture by exposing the audience to rich traditions in Persian celebrations, literature, cinema, art, and cooking. In addition, They want to provide a common platform for the more than 3 million Persian professionals outside of Persia. PersianMirror electronic magazine is non-political, non-religious and encourages anyone who is interested in Persian culture to register and contribute to the site. Shabnam Rezaei, the Editor-In-Chief brought years of software design, marketing, sales and PR experience to the company.

With a BS in Computer Science and a BA degree in German Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from New York University, Shabnam has spent most of her professional career in selling software solutions to large financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, ING and Bank Austria. She has held managerial positions at EXIS Consulting and Deloitte & Touche and is an expert in Capital Markets.

She speaks five languages and has been published in numerous industry magazines. In 2004, Shabnam explored her love of culture and languages and started “ an online community for Persians, that today attracts over 2 million hits per month. Through her web design, editing and marketing experience she was able to attract over 10,000 Persian businesses to the site in its first 6 months.

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