Dr. Amir Sabouri

The Biography of Amir Sabouri: an Educator, Humanitarian Activist, Producer, Screen Play and Director.

Amir Sabouri was born in Tehran, Iran. He was an undergraduate at Tehran University and came to the United States in 1978. He received his MA at New School University and MBA at Pace University and PhD candidate at New School University.

In 1979 he founded the Iranian-American Friendship Association of New York and stands as President of this non-profit organization.

Dr. Amir Sabouri has used his own resources to provide assistance to many Iranians in need of help for the past 30 years.

He released 17 Iranian youths who came to America illegally and were detained in New York. Dr. Sabouri provided them with legal Residential documents.

Dr. Amir Sabouri Honored and Awarded 50 Iranian Celebrities for their contribution to the culture and Art of Iran.

He is the board of director for Pegah Thalassemia Foundation of NY which associates and helps with the Thalassemia Society of Iran.

As a President and founder of the Roodaki Foundation he has dedicated his life and personal recourses to the mission of spreading and preserving Iranian art and culture.

Amir Sabouri has made various documentary films from numerous renounced celebrities of Iran, which is a pivotal research tool for the talented scholars, philosophers, composers, poets, songwriters, painters, vocalists, musicians in our community. The final mission is to make works of our community available to whoever is interested in learning more about one of the worlds most significant culture.

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