Behzad Bolour (BBC Persian)

Behzad Bolour was born in 1965 & lived through the revolution of 1979 as a teenager, Behzad won national first prize in fine Art among High schools in Iran at the national level, and started studying classical Persian Music at age 15. After leaving Iran at the age of 18, he took interest in fashion design, interior design, artistic mural paintings & recorded a Persian classical album which opened up his way to BBC Persian Radio in 1990 where he started working as a presenter & producer of youth & music programmes and later on produced Rooze Haftom entertainment magazine.

His programme of 'History of Kiss' for BBC World Service was nominated for several awards as well a number of his other shows. He has appeared in ITV's creature comfort animation series as an Stalion and also managed the comic strip project for BBC Trust’s He established the highly viewed entertainment web page for, live broadcast of Iranian concerts in Europe & Dubai and supported Iranian underground music & culture since its early days back in the 90s. He has been involved in organising various cultural events in the UK & central Asia. He has also been training young journalists in Iran and Afghanistan since 2000, and is now joining BBC Persian TV as a presenter & senior producer.

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