Dr. A. Nourizadeh (VOA)

Born on 24 June 1949, Tehran, Dr. Nourizadeh has been active in the Iranian journalistic milieu since 1967. He is currently working as senior commentator for Voice of America news network, a columnist for Kayhan London, an Iranian newspaper published in London, and is a Senior researcher at the Centre for Arab & Iranian Studies. He is also senior writer in Al-Sharqal awsat, the most important Arabic daily news paper. Nourizadeh has a daily political & cultural programme in Satellite Channel one TV network, he also appears regularly in Arabic networks like Aljazirah, Alarabieh, LBC and Almustaqbal. He is the Editor in chief of Al-Moujez, a monthly newsletter in Arabic covers Iran political, cultural and economic affairs in Iran. He was also Managing Director & Editor in chief of Rouz-e-Gar-e-Now, a monthly Farsi-English Magazine for years.
During the 1970's, he was a Political Editor for one of the main Iranian daily newspapers, Etela'at, and an Editor, Writer, and Presenter for Iran Radio and Television. He also became editor in chief of Weekly magazine Omid Iran, which was the most circulated political magazine after revolution.

Nourizadeh studied Political science , criminal laws, and International relations in Iran and UK and obtained his PhD in political and social changes in Egypt after 1952 revolution. He has published several books and studies, beside 9 poetry collections published in Iran and abroad. Nourizadeh translated 8 poetry collections as well as 7 books from Arabic to Persian.

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