Cotton Club Singers

The band was founded in 1994. The original classical line-up (soprano: Orsolya Kozma, alto: Gabriella Szucs, tenor: Boldizsar Laszlo, bass: Gabor Feher) gives the opportunity to perform a repertoire that ranges from the beginning of jazz through jazz standards to current Hungarian tunes.

It is the 9th year the band has been periodically performing at several Budapest music clubs (Old Man's Pub, Articsóka, IBS, Dokk). There is a regular show at Old Man's Pub, they play for their fans every Sunday night. Cotton Club Singers appreciate the place providing them with a close-cosy atmosphere, their shows are filled with fun, feeling and emotions.

The group have had many opportunities to perform with famous, talented Hungarian musicians. They were invited to all important Hungarian cultural festivals. The band appears on TV regularly - in talk shows, jazz-programs, morning-shows etc.

In 1999 Cotton Club Singers received EMERTON Music Award as the Best Jazz Group and the award of recognition from " The Musicians' Circle".

Cotton Club Singers give big concerts in Budapest at least 3 times a year. They usually play in a pleasant open-air theatre in summer and in " Budapest Convention Centre " in winter, in front of 2000-3000 spectators. For these concerts they always prepare with something surprising and unusual apart from their well - known repertoire (e.g. Queen songs with a gospel - choir, highlights from " West Side Story ", a mix of the most famous American hits from the 1930s-40s performed in the original style with an old-fashioned microphone).

Cotton Club Singers have also had 3 tours in the most important cities of Hungary. In September, 2000 they (among other famous Hungarian musicians) had the honour to represent Hungarian culture at the Olympic Games in Sydney.

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