Dr. Akbar Golpayegani

Akbar Golpayegani also known as GOLPA started learning music at the age of four under the instructions of his father Hussein who also learnt music from his father too.

Golpa is one of the four singers of 'GOLHA-E-JAVIDAN' and is in the same league as grand vocalist masters such as: Bannan, Fakhtehie, and Khansari.

In 1961 he received his Doctorate in Music from University of California Los Angles - UCLA and recently his Honorary Doctorate from UNISCO of the United Nations.

He has recorded 398 classic albums of 'GOLHA-E-JAVIDAN'; GOLHA-E-RANGARANG'; 'SHAKHEH GOL & BARGE SABZ' and in addition, he sang another 120 songs from other master musicians.

In July 2005 Shiraz University in Persian conferred him with a Medal of Excellence in Art, which only five people could achieve such designated award for the past 50 years.

Golpa has two daughters, both hold Doctoral Degrees and are musicians and currently are living in the US.

Golpa is living in Tehran and teaching and performing around the world.

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