Muhammad Heidari

Muhammad Heidari who was born in 1937 in Tehran, started learning music and playing Dulcimer at the age of 13 and when he was only 15 years old was accepted by grand master Aboul-hassan Sabaa to further his studies under his direct instructions.

Due to his talent the grand master Sabaa, invited him to play Dulcimer at the 'SABAA ORCHESTRA' at the Bureau of Fine Arts where later it became the Ministry of culture and Arts.

Once the private TV 'CHANNAL 3' established the ministry accepted certain weekly music programmes of that TV and Muhammad became its first Orchestra Conductor and soon after joined the National Television. Before the Islamic revolution he followed his music carrier in composing and teaching Dulcimer at the School of Higher Education in Music to BA degree students the 20 of whom are currently teaching in verity of music centers in and outside Persia.

After Islamic revolution as music and singing for women were band and making music became forbidden, Muhammad went to Italy and after three years migrated to L.A - USA where he is still active in creating music.

At the time of pervious regime (Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last King of Persia), Muhammad where sent to countries such as: Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Czech, Soviet Union, Japan, Mexico, USA, UK, Pakistan and Turkey to introduce the Persian Music to the world.

He has composed plenty of musics for films such as: 'NAMEHRABOUNI' and 'MANA ANKE BARAY-E- TOU MIMIRAD', also has arranged and composed many outstanding musics for renowned vocalist artists such as: Golpa, Sattar, Homayra, Elahe, Hayedeh and many more.

For composing his music, Muhammad has also cooperated with famous Poets and Lyricist such as: Homa Mir-Afshar, Leila Kasra, Ardalan Sarfaraz, Masoud Amini, Tourdj Negahban and Masoud Fardmanesh.

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