Erwin Khachikian

Erwin Khachikian was born in Tehran, Iran to an Armenian family. He first discovered his love for music at the age of ten. Being raised in a household surrounded by music, Erwin initially became influenced by his father's talent on the guitar and the organ.

Erwin began his classical training at eleven years old and continued his instruction when he moved to the United States 2 years later in 1987. Throughout junior high, high school and college, he studied music privately and in school, simultaneously attending the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

After graduating in 1996 from Cal State University of Northridge, with a BA in psychology, he began his career as a professional musician.

These past 13 years have been a blessed musical journey for Erwin. Since the mid 90s he has been in the studio and on the road with different well known artists. He is a member of Serj Tankian's (System of a Down) solo project called 'Serj Tankian and the FCC'. Since August 2007, the band has toured with The Foo Fighters, Ozzy Osborne, Metallica, REM and Rage Against the Machine and appeared on TV shows, such as Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daly. The band has performed in sold out arenas and festivals all over the world and included shows in front of 80,000 fans in Germany (Rock am Ring).

Between the years 2001 and 2004, Erwin co-produced and arranged 2 albums 'Neghab' and 'Bi Sarzamin tar az bad' for a well-known Persian artist, Siavash Ghomeyshi. The success of these albums and the live shows made him recognized producer in the Persian music scene. He has toured the US and Europe and the Middle East with other artists such as Andy and Mansour.

From 2001 - 2006, Erwin was a member of the Space Rock band 'Slow Motion Reign' that was signed with Columbia Records/Serjical Strike Records. The band released an album in 2004. During this time he had the opportunity to support and perform with artists, such as Neal Schon of 'Journey', Cliff Hue of 'Supertramp' and Jerry Cantrell of 'Alice and Chains' and 'Ozomatli'.

Erwin's solo project called Karmandan is a full-length album is due summer of 2010. In addition he continues to produce songs for upcoming TV series, write his own songs and produce tracks for other various artists.

Not only does Erwin create his own unique and innovative sounds, he is also able to adapt to various music styles. It is this musical versatility along with his great passion that has made him the great musician that he is.

Still going strong after many years as a professional in the business, Erwin says "the most important thing is to keep balance and peace in your life and always be open to learning and experiencing new things". Using nature as a way to find his inner peace and keep his creativity fresh and alive, it seems that Erwin will continue to be a successful and sought out performer and producer of music.

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