Mahasti Kamdar

Mahasti Kamdar, as daughter of an artist family, mother Badri painter and father Enayat flutist, was born in Teheran, Iran. She studied ballet and music majoring in violin, piano, guitar and singing. Having won several prizes, she graduated from the musicconservatory in Teheran as the best and entered the known TV/Radio-Chamber-Orchestra of Tehran.

After finishing her studies in Germany, she joined the 1st violin’s group of Rheinland-Pfalz Philharmony and later the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra with Duo-PersAll. In 1987, she formed her own group of Luna Ensemble, later Luna Strings and presently “Philharmonic Stars”. With her talent she writes extraordinary arrangements for string quartets which display her talent and passion. Soundtracks, French chansons as well as folk songs from Iran, Latin-America, Ireland and North America are her major focus. She also likes working with other types of music such as boogie, ragtime, tango and jazz. With her current string quartet "Philharmonic Stars" she performs her own arrangements at different kinds of events.

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