Shakila was born on May 3rd 1962, in the city of Tehran. She is the youngest child in her family. From the tender age of five, Shakila sang in the family gatherings and parties and quickly acquired the ability of performing live.

At the age of nine, she performed on national television show and her talent was brought to the attention of many producers at that time who insisted on promoting Shakila to become a professional singer, which her family did not agree due to her young age.

Shakila performed in her school contests and talent competitions and won many awards. At the age of fifteen, right before the revolution she became a student of Master Mahmoud Karimi and became familiar with Persian traditional repertoire and "Radif".

At the age of eighteen she decided to move to the United States to continue her education. She studied classical music and she tried to fulfill her life-long dream to become a professional singer. Shakila started her singing career in 1990 and so far she has dedicated eleven outstanding albums to her fans throughout her world. She was deeply inspired by the poems of Rumi from the beginning of her career and for that reason she has sung some of Rumi's most beautiful poems in her songs, which has some of the masters in this profession believe that Shakila's and Rumi's poems are a perfect match. Her resent hit song “SHAH-E-MANI” is one of the outstanding songs of hers.

Her humble character reflects throughout her songs and makes them more enjoyable to listen to. As masters of music and fans believe "Shakila is with no doubt the Angelic Voice of Persian music"

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